Amit Sahni Ki List

Amit Sahni Ki List
  • Movie Director: Ajay Bhuyan
  • Cast and Crew: Vir Das, Vega Tamotia and Anindita Nayar
  • Releasing Date: 18 July, 2014
  • Music Composers: Raghu Dixit, Palash Muchhal, Alien Chutney, Shivi. R. Kashyap, Karthik Iyer
  • Lyricist: Ankur Tiwari, Ajay Bhuyan, Vir Das Palak Muchhal,
  • Production House: Pyxis Pictures
  • Fun Fact: Three successful bankers Tina Nagpaul, Kavita Kulkarni and Sujata Vemuri, with no filmy background, came together as producers to make this film.
  • Why it Made News: Vir Das marked his debut as a playback singer with the ‘Anti-love’ song in this film.

Movie Synopsis:

Amit Sahni (Vir Das) is a banker by profession and is on the lookout for the woman of his dreams, in other words the woman who will fit his list. After a bitter break-up during his teen-age days, Amit decided to make a list of all the qualities he is looking for in his partner. Every time Amit goes out on a date he quietly checks his list for the qualities. He soon meets Mala (Vega Tamotia), falls for her but she doesn’t quite meet his list.

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