Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain
  • Movie Director: Ravi Kumar
  • Cast and Crew: Tannishtha Chatterjee, Rajpal Yadav
  • Releasing Date: 05 December, 2014
  • Music Composers: Anoushka Shankar
  • Production House: Rising Star Entertainment, Sahara Movie Studios
  • Fun Fact: The film was to initially release in 2010 but due to lack of response from distributors the movie eventually hit the screens in 2014.
  • Why it Made News: A few organisations who are fighting for the rights of the victims of the Bhopal tragedy, accused the film for distorting certain facts, however the allegations were denied by the director.

Movie Synopsis:

Set in 1984, Dilip (Rajpal Yadav) lands himself a job at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. Dilip’s friend Motwani (Kal Penn) is a journalist and wants to expose the safety standards which are not met at the plant. Dilip and family start with the wedding celebrations in the family but guests start feeling unwell as the Carbide plant is emitting a poisonous gas into the air, this leads to one of the world’s largest chemical disaster. Hundreds are admitted to the hospital complaining of cyanide poisoning, leading to several deaths.

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