Bubble Gum

  • Movie Director: Sanjivan Lal
  • Cast and Crew: Sohail Lakhani, Apoorva Arora
  • Releasing Date: 29 July, 2011
  • Music Composers: Bappi Tutul, Haffu
  • Lyricist: Hanif Sheikh, Prashant Pandey
  • Production House: Koncept Infotenment
  • Fun Fact: Bubblegum was set in Jamshedpur, the native of director Sanjivan Lal
  • Why it Made News: Bubblegum was Sanjivan Lal’s first feature film.

Movie Synopsis:

Vedant (Delzad Sanjay Hiwale) is in love with a police officer’s daughter Jenny (Apoorva Arora) and tries to impress her father. Vedant faces tough competition from class-mate Ratan (Suraj Singh) to woo Jenny. At the same time, Vedant’s brother Vidur (Sohail Lakhani) returns from hostel. Since he is deaf, Vedant accompanies Vidur everywhere. Vedant has to now be with his brother, spending less time with Jenny. Vedant’s world turns upside down as he discovers love, relationships and importance of family.


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