Commando: A One man Army

Commando: A One man Army
  • Movie Director: Dilip Ghosh
  • Cast and Crew: Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat
  • Releasing Date: 12 April 2013
  • Music Composers: Mannan Shaah
  • Lyricist: Mayur Puri
  • Production House: Sunshine Pictures
  • Fun Fact: Commando was followed by a sequel, also starring Vidyut Jammwal, alongside Esha Gupta and Adah Sharma in 2017.
  • Why it Made News: Vidyut Jammwal’s stunt sequences gave the film a strong buzz before release.

Movie Synopsis:

Karanveer Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jammwal) is a Commando with Indian Army whose helicopter crashes on the Chinese Side of the Border. He is then tried to be framed by the Chinese Government as an Indian Spy. He later escapes and crosses the Lepcha border to reach his base at Pathankot. There he comes across Simrit (Pooja Chopra). She is running away from a fierce cold blooded goon with strong Political connections, Amrit Kanwal Singh or AK (Jaideep Ahlawat) who is trying to marry her by Force. Karan comes to her rescue and immediately humiliates AK and his men by beating them to pulps on his own. AK announces that he will hang Karan in the middle of the market place and kills Simrit’s parents. A fight follows between AK’s men and Karan in the jungle alongside Chinese hired assassins. In the end Karan survives and hangs AK on the Town Square and surrenders to the Army.

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