Happy Husbands

  • Movie Director: Anay Sharma
  • Cast and Crew: Anay Sharma
  • Releasing Date: 25 March, 2011
  • Music Composers: Anay Sharma
  • Lyricist: Sarim Momin
  • Production House: Phenomenal Craft
  • Fun Fact: Anay Sharma was not just the director for the film but also wrote the lyrics, composed music, wrote the dialogues and screenplay as well.

Movie Synopsis:

Arjun, Champoo, and Mohit are married to wives who love them, but the three men are interested to meet other women and even date them. Arjun introduces his two friends to a successful executive, Jaiveer, who is a married man with a young son. Arjun, Champoo and Mohit meet a lot of women and get involved with them, while their respective wives are not aware of the situations. However things turn worse for Jaiveer who is suspected of infidelity bu his wife.


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