• Movie Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
  • Cast and Crew: Mallika Sherawat, Divya Dutta, Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette
  • Releasing Date: 22 October 2010
  • Music Composers: Anu Malik, David Kuschner, Panjabi MC, Alexnader Von Bubenheim
  • Lyricist: Sameer, Shruti Haasan, Mallika Sherawat, Shweta Pandit, Shraddha Pandit and Sayeed Quadri
  • Production House: Govind Menon, Vikram Singh, Ratan Jain, William Sees Keenan
  • Fun Fact: Jennifer Lynch had earlier made the film Boxing Helena that was criticized for its misogynistic overtures.
  • Why it Made News: Hisss made headlines in India for being directed by a foreign national.

Movie Synopsis:

A shape shifting snake falls in the clutches of a man who has only six months to live. The man captures a male snake, so the female snake will be forced to come to the male snake, and then he can capture the Nagmani. However, the female snake goes on a killing spree and it is now up to the police to stop the spate of murders.

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