Honour Killing

Honour Killing
  • Movie Director: Avtar Bhogal
  • Cast and Crew: Zara Sheikh, Sandeep Singh
  • Releasing Date: February 27, 2015
  • Music Composers: Uttam Singh
  • Lyricist: Dev Kohli
  • Production House: ABC Films International and Ek Onkar Films
  • Fun Fact: After reading disturbing news of honour killing, director Avtar decided to make a film on the topic.
  • Why it Made News: The film spoke about the violent actors of honour crimes.

Movie Synopsis:

A Punjabi, Pakistani and an Englishman are good friends. The Pakistani’s daughter Samaira (Zara Sheikh) and a Punjabi’s song Sandeep (Sandeep Singh) fall in love. However their parents don’t approve of the marriage and a feeling of enmity ensues between the two families. A case of honour killing follows with Samaira and Sandeep being killed by Pakistani friend.

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