Horror Story

  • Movie Director: Ayush Raina
  • Cast and Crew: Karan Kundra, Hassan Zaidi, Radhika Memon
  • Releasing Date: 13 September 2013
  • Music Composers: Amar Mohile
  • Production House: ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fun Fact: Vikram Bhatt, who wrote the film decided to have no songs or intimate scenes in the film.
  • Why it Made News: The film marked the debut of seven actors in Bollywood.

Movie Synopsis:

Horror Story is about a group of seven friends, Samrat, Magesh, Achint, Neel, Neena, Sonia and Magi decide to spend a night in a seemingly haunted hotel. Despite warnings the group decides to have some fun in the deserted hotel but things turn serious when one of them is killed under mysterious circumstances. The group realises that a Ghost is with them in the hotel, which won’t let them leave. While their phones story working, each friend gets murdered one by one. Only Neena manages to survive the ordeal, after destroying the energy source of the dark spirits.


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