• Cast and Crew: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel
  • Releasing Date: January 14, 2015
  • Music Composers: A. R. Rehman
  • Lyricist: Kabilan, Madhan Karky
  • Production House: Aascar Film
  • Fun Fact: Vikram’s hairstyle in the movie is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, interestingly, launched the audio of the movie.
  • Why it Made News: This movie made news because of Vikram’s makeup for the role of Lingesan. It created anticipation because of its uniqueness.

Movie Synopsis:

This movie is one of the finest examples of innovative South Indian cinema. It also appears in IMDB’s Top Rated Indian Movies at 210. The film’s protagonist Lingesan is a successful model, who starts experiencing hair and tooth loss and eventually learns that his enemies injected in him an ‘I’ virus which completely deforms his body and he develops a hunchback. He disappears from the public eye and decides to take revenge.

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