• Movie Director: Kabeer Kaushik
  • Cast and Crew: Sonu Sood, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak
  • Releasing Date: June 29, 2012
  • Music Composers: Fish Go Deep, Amjad Nadeem, Devi Prasad, Vikram Khajuria
  • Lyricist: Raqueeb Alam, Shabbir Ahmad
  • Production House: Vainteya Films, Divine Thought Productions
  • Fun Fact: This was the first time that Sonu Sood and Naseeruddin Shah came together.
  • Why it Made News: A song of this movie Aa Ante Amalapuram became an instant hit.

Movie Synopsis:

Maximum is about two cops who are trying to gain maximum power, over each other, over the corrupt system, by any means. They can go to any lengths to have their hegemony. But they are not Alone. There are other players too who want the power, the maximum power. There are various emotions to this story and unpredictable twists.

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