Sadda Adda

Sadda Adda
  • Movie Director: Muazzam Beg
  • Cast and Crew: Karanvir Sharma, Maryam Zakaria
  • Releasing Date: 13 January, 2012
  • Music Composers: Shamir Tandon, A Band of Boys, Ramji Gulati
  • Lyricist: Prashant Pandey, Sandeep Nath, Ramji Gulati, Shamir Tandon and Karan Oberoi
  • Production House: Rajtaru Studios Limited
  • Fun Fact: Sadda Adda released some time after Delhi Belly, both were based on the lines of room-mates and life in Delhi.
  • Why it Made News: The film was promoted with a rock concert at a college in Mumbai

Movie Synopsis:

The film tells the story of six bachelors who live together in Delhi, coming from different states, they call their 2BHK Apartment Sadda Adda. Their home is a mess of empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, unwashed clothes, where they cook together, buy groceries, pay rent, laugh, cry, fight and always stand up for each other – like a family. The film depicts the journey of the six characters as they work towards their dream while living together.

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