Trump Card

Trump Card
  • Movie Director: Arshad Khan
  • Cast and Crew: Vishwajeet Pradhan, Vikram Kumar, Haidar Ali, Urvashi Chaudhary
  • Music Composers: Lalit Sen
  • Lyricist: Nawab Arzoo, Shakeel Azmi
  • Production House: Reema Gupta, Kamal Mohan, Ram Mohan
  • Fun Fact: Mansi Dohval, one of the actresses of the film is part of Sense 8, the award winning web series.
  • Why it Made News: This film stars Vishwajeet Pradhan, who has acted in several big budget films like Rakta Charitra.

Movie Synopsis:

Rahul, Raj and Veer are college friends who are all set to get 300 crores from a Queen’s will. However, the one clause is that one of the friend ends up missing, the amount will be divided into two, and if only one survives, he will get 900 crores. As the film continues, the bodies start piling up and then there’s the mystery of why a Queen would give her entire estate to college kids and not her own family.

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