Epic! When crowd screamed Anushka Sharma in the stadium for Virat Kohli

Crowd started chanting Anushka Sharma from the stadium for Virat Kohli. Watch the video here!

Epic! When crowd screamed Anushka Sharma in the stadium for Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma‘s love saga is world famous! The two stars are knitted by the feeling of love and amongst other couples from B-Town, Virat and Anushka have portrayed the strongest bond we have ever witnessed. Time and again, they have given us a glimpse of their love and we have always fallen in love with their love. In fact, even during the matches, it seems that Virat’s fans can’t get over his love for Anushka and probably that is why they started chanting Anushka’s name while Virat was fielding at the boundary.

We stumbled upon a video from one of the matches played between India and West Indies wherein we can see Virat fielding at the boundary and his fans from the other side of the fence simply couldn’t stop chanting Anushka’s name. We must say that the cricketer had quite an epic reaction to this scene. He first signaled that he is not hearing anything and later asked his fans to shoot out for Virat by showing his name printed at the back of his jersey.

Here’s the video.

We must say Virat handled the situation pretty well! (Also Read: Anushka Sharma doesn’t want Virat Kohli to go clean-shaven)