Grumpy, goofy, moody: Arjun Kapoor describes himself like never before!

Arjun Kapoor recently said that he is quite emotional and loves to be pampered.

Grumpy, goofy, moody: Arjun Kapoor describes himself like never before!

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Arjun Kapoor

He comes out to be a very strong man! His persona is that of a rough and tough guy who has his goals set and has thoughts to conquer the world. In his debut film ‘Ishaqzaade’, he showed us the darkest side of himself. Yes, we are talking about Arjun Kapoor, who also portrayed the role of a ruthless goon in ‘Gunday’. But reality is quite different than this! In his latest interview with Filmfare, Arjun has detailed out his personality traits and has claimed to be a teddy-bear in real life.

When asked if there is a vulnerable side to him, Arjun quips, “I’m a teddy bear. I’m a man-child. The world believes I’m a strong, rough guy who can take care of anything. But I’m actually a grumpy, goofy, moody fellow. I love being taken care of. I love being pampered. I’m emotional. I’m mercurial when it comes to my temper. I’m nothing compared to what I come across as. That’s why I said I’m not an easy person.(Smiles) I’m exaggerating a bit because I’m self-depreciating also. Actually, my sister (Anshula) can give you a detailed insight about me.”

Honestly, Arjun doesn’t seem to be any different than a normal boy, despite him being a star kid. In the same interview, he has also described how he has dealt with a heartbreak. He described about his real life ‘Half Girlfriend’ and stated that he was shattered when she left. Arjun said, “I was shattered. I did all the things you do after heartbreak. I stopped talking to her. I gave her blank calls. I cried, went for long drives, got drunk…. Of course, life moves on. She’s now married and settled abroad. We speak to each other sometimes. Her part in my life was small but it was real. I experienced love. There was purity in that connection.”

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