#ThrowbackThursday: When Akshay Kumar replied to a fan letter in 1995

A letter written by Akshay Kumar to his fan in 1995 has made it to internet.

#ThrowbackThursday: When Akshay Kumar replied to a fan letter in 1995

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Stars are nothing without their fans, and Akshay Kumar knows this notion really well. Rightly called as the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood, Akshay has always worshipped the love he has received from his fans and that’s the reason why his fan base doubles by each passing day. Being generous to his fans, has always been Akki’s thing, right from the beginning. And even after attaining stardom equivalent to the stars in the sky, Akki has always demonstrated his love and affection for his fans in every given way possible. One example showcasing his humble side is this letter from 1995, which he wrote as a reply to a fan query.

So one of the biggest fans of his named Vaishali Bhutani unveiled a letter that she received in 1995. This letter had been written by none other than Akshay Kumar revealing about his upcoming films to her.

She posted,

And we must say that nothing has been changed since 1995. As soon as Akshay came across this post, he instantly replied. He tweeted,

Indeed, a serious throwback! (Also Read: Post Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar now meets Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu)