Did you know? Shah Rukh Khan’s train dance in ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ was never the original plan

Did you know? Shah Rukh Khan’s train dance in ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ was never the original plan

Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora in ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ song

90s; the era had something about it. When we recollect the popular songs, especially the dance numbers composed in this period, each had a unique charm of its own. The songs still makes us groove whenever they are played even today. And who can forget the iconic dance track ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora. The track earned huge popularity upon its release, be it for its music, lyrics or singer Sukhwinder Singh’s vocals, every element of this song was impressive. But, the fact that it was shot on a moving train certainly turned out to be its most outstanding feature.

Recently, we stumbled upon an old interview of choreographer Farah Khan where she recalled that how she and the team had come to the decision of dancing on the roof of a moving train, that ultimately lead to the iconic track being shot in the most unique way. Not many would be aware that the track was never originally meant to be shot on the moving train, but on the railway station of Ooty. Yes! You read that right. (Also Check: From void to fame: Bollywood celebs who started off as background dancers)

On his talk show ‘Face to Face’, the host Karan Thapar was discussing about Farah’s second consecutive win at the Filmfare Awards (Best Choreography) for her track ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. And it was during their conversation when Karan asked what made Farah do that dance on a moving train. To which she replied saying, “Because actually we really didn’t get permission at the railway station (smiles). It was supposed to be the train stops and people get down and they dance here and there. And we didn’t get permission on the railway station and we had this one train in Ooty which we got. And it was like it was as big as this table literally… it was this narrow. So, yeah we just go up and we did it and Mani sir (referring to director Mani Ratnam) was very excited about shooting on this train, and then you know nobody could say no to him so…”

Further, she even went on to share that ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ was just played and it was in one rehearsal that she choreographed the entire number, like all the moves. Later, the song was shot over a period of four and a half days. And the rest as they say is history.

Check out the full interview of Farah Khan below:

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