Interesting facts about ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ that will make you nostalgic

As the iconic romance completes 27 years, let us take you back to those days with some interesting facts about Salman Khan's 'Maine Pyar Kiya'

Interesting facts about ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ that will make you nostalgic

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Salman Khan and Bhagyashree in Maine Pyar Kiya

Maine Pyar Kiya’. A movie that became the epitome of cult romance, and that of a beautiful friendship blooming into the purest of love. The movie had many firsts, a director who wanted to carry forward the legacy of Rajshri; Suraj Barjatya, and two fresh faces; a dashing Salman Khan, and a coy Bhagyashree. Though more than two decades have passed since the release of the movie, yet, the music, the scenes, the dialogues, and the intense chemistry between the two leads, everything feels alive in us, the fans of the movie.

As the movie completes yet another feat of 27 years, here’s taking a look at some facts about it that you will love.

And that’s how Salman became ‘Prem’

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Salman Khan was referred for the lead role to Barjatiya by Shabina Dutt, a model who first auditioned for the lead role (female) for “Maine Pyar Kiya’, but failed the screen test. Khan & Dutt had worked in a TV advertisement and connected as real good friends.

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