Bruna Abdullah Alia Bhatt
Image Source - Instagram

Bruna Abdullah is away from Bollywood for quite some time now, but the ‘Jai Ho‘ actress’ social media presence grabs eyeball’s time and again. Her sexy and bold avatar has got her admirers talking always. She had taken to social media to do a live chat with her fans a while back and she spoke up about her favourite actress from the contemporary lot. Any guesses who that is? Read on to know.


A fan asked Bruna Abdullah a few years back as to who her favourite Bollywood actor or actress was from recent times. The sexy siren couldn’t stop herself from reverting back. Have a look at her response.

Bruna Abdullah Alia Bhatt
Image Source - Instagram

Yes, it’s none other than Alia Bhatt. After all, Alia Bhatt has been winning accolades not just from her contemporaries in Bollywood, but she also keeps getting loads of praises from her fans on social media. She indeed is one of the finest actresses we have in the current times. Give her any role, and she will just mould herself into that, and come out with flying colours. She has proved that numerous times.

Coming back to Bruna Abdullah, while we all are stuck in our homes due to the self-quarantine to curb the spread of Coronavirus, she is missing going outdoors. The pretty lady shared a picture recently and captions it as, “Lucky are the ones in Goa right now! #notme ? (sic).” Have a look at the picture right here:

Very skillfully Bruna has put the hashtag showing that she isn’t in Goa right now, and just wishes she was there as a vacation. This is surely saving the actress a hell lot of trolling, as then her comments section would have been filled with people saying how irresponsible of her to be out in the open now when the government is asking people to stay indoors. Luckily with the hashtag, Bruna saves herself of that incessant trolling.

Talking of Bruna, she has been sharing her hot bikini-clad pictures on social media quite often, and that is taking people by the craze. Have a look at some of the pics right here:

On her time away from movies, Bruna has been travelling back and forth between Mumbai and Brazil in the past couple of years. Her wedding to her Scottish born boyfriend, Al, was quite a hush-hush affair, but ever since that, she has been flooding her social media accounts with pics. She recently gave birth to a bonny Baby girl, and Bruna has been sharing pictures of her on Instagram quite frequently.

Let’s hope in these times of Coronavirus, the family is staying safe and healthy.

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