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Late actor Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini dated for quite some time, years ago. They worked together in several films including Seeta Aur Geeta and Sholay. However, Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini eventually parted ways due to misunderstandings and differences. In Kumar’s recently released authorized biography, An Actor’s Actor, writers Hanif Zaveri and Sumant Batra wrote about everything that happened between the late actor and Hema Malini. They even wrote about the misunderstandings that took place and that drove the two apart.

The book speaks about how Sanjeev Kumar’s mother approved of the actress who was respectful towards her. She ‘covered her head with her pallu and touched Shantaben’s feet’. The autobiography even mentioned how Kumar’s family wished that the actress discontinue work after their marriage. And it was Hema Malini’s mother who refused to entertain the idea. Kumar and his mom even arrived at the actresses’ residence to ask for her hand in marriage, but nothing worked out.


Back in 1991, speaking with Bhawana Somaaya for the Junior G’s April edition, Hema Malini opened up about how Sanjeev Kumar expected a stay-at-home and an all-sacrificing wife. She had said, “A Sanjeev Kumar who desired a stay-at-home, all-sacrificing wife who would care for his ageing mother and support him, while he mesmerized the audience and won accolades, seems like a caricature of a male chauvinist.

She had added, “But before judging him too harshly, let’s consider the era we are dealing with. Back in the day, it was common to look down upon women who chose to be a part of showbiz.

Hema Malini continued, “A ‘good woman’ and a ‘good wife’ was a woman who chose her family over herself and her career, a tireless homemaker who helped her husband reach the pinnacle of success — rubbed oil in her mother-in-law’s hair, taught her daughter good manners and helped her son with his homework. Times have changed and women are liberated from this unfair burden.

The Sholay actress had said, “The truth is that an ‘ideal woman’ or, for that matter, an ‘ideal man’ is a myth, and perhaps this is the reason Sanjeev Kumar could not settle down in his lifetime. The perfectionist in him searched for the perfect woman — who frankly doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, Hema Malini later got married to Dharmendra. The actress has two daughters with the veteran actor. She is blessed with daughters- Esha Deol and Ahana Deol.

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