Raj Kapoor's first meeting with Nargis

When there’s a recall of late Raj Kapoor, the greatest showman of Indian cinema, his love affair is the first thing that comes to our minds. Don’t get us wrong, we were referring to the love affairs he had with his life, films and to an extent the leading ladies from his films. Who can forget his beautiful onscreen chemistry with late actress Nargis that carried something special which showered only magic on silver screens?

Their on-screen and off-screen compatibility were so passionate that they went on to work in around 16 films together. Certainly, this made them one of the most popular and loved on-screen pairs of Indian Cinema. But recently, we got to know about an interesting incident that had actually immortalised the first meeting of this beautiful pair on the silver screens. And it was done by Kapoor himself! According to reports, he was prepping up for his directorial debut ‘Aag’ (1948) for which he wanted the best place (studio) and the famous studio in Mumbai was recommended to him. (Also Read: Did you know? Late Raj Kapoor had a loving nickname for grandson Ranbir Kapoor)

To inquire about the facilities the studio offered, Raj made his way to the house of then popular actress-singer Jaddanbai. On reaching there,  Jaddanbai’s daughter Nargis came to open the door as there was nobody else at home Destiny, right? As she opened it, Raj Kapoor lost himself, looking at Nargis who then had smudged dough across her forehead as she was working in the kitchen.


This was a sweet moment that Raj Kapoor never forgot and in a way immortalised it as he picturised it in the same way as the first meeting between Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in his film ‘Bobby’ (1973).

Indeed, the fans and moviegoers who have seen ‘Bobby’ would agree that this scene between Rishi and Dimple is so pure and romantic that it would steal away your hearts even today.

Undoubtedly, it had to touch hearts as it came straight from the heart of someone.