Ranveer Singh

He is a charmer, a ladies man, sometimes the adamant Bittoo Sharma, the quiet Varun, the gutsy and romantic Ram Rajari, the suave and dashing Kabir Mehra, the strong, wise Peshwa Bajirao and also the menacing Khilji. He is all of this together and much more. We are talking about Ranveer Singh, the actor who churned out some of the most heart-warming and nail-biting performances in a short span of time. With each and every performance, he has raised the bar and has only bettered himself as an actor, entertainer, dancer and performer. (Also Read: Ranveer Singh’s graphic fixation is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe!)


But before we proceed, let’s take a look at what the actor shared this morning on this special day. Also, check out casting director Shanoo Sharma’s post.



And now, as he completes 7 years in Bollywood today, we take a look back at seven of his most memorable and powerful roles that are his true identity.