sona mohaptra accusses kailash kher

Ever since actress Tanushree Dutta has spoken up against the harassment she faced on the sets of the 2008 film, ‘Horn Ok Pleasss’, her strong stand has given voice to many women who were afraid to open their mouth. Now many women have come forward and the #Metoo movement is taking shape in India. Not only Nana Patekar but Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, Rajat Kapoor and many more are facing the consequences of their actions. A photojournalist had also accused singer Kalesh Kher of sexually harassing her when she went to his house for an interview in 2006. Another woman accused Kailash Kher of inviting her repeatedly to his hotel room in Kolkata.


And we now have singer Sona Mohapatra who does not hesitate to speak her mind, also accusing Kailash Kher of making inappropriate sexual advances in a series of tweets.

Sona tweeted how Kher kept making inappropriate advances towards her when they had met to collaborate for a song. Also, the singer kept his hand on her thigh telling her how beautiful she is and how she is lucky to have been found by a singer, not an actor.

Check out her series of tweets slamming Kher here:

She further added how he continued to make advances when they landed in Dhaka and kept calling her repeatedly. When she did not answer, he called the organisers to ask Sona to go to his room to ‘catch up’ and skip the sound check.

Kailash recently issued an apology and told a news channel that he respects women and would never think of doing something as disrespectful as this. She told him off on Twitter saying that it will take him a lifetime to apologise to all the women that he has misbehaved with.


Looks like the #MeToo movement has caught its hold in Bollywood. What are your views on this?

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