Amit Sadh
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Actor Amit Sadh, who was last seen in ‘Super 30’, recently starred in ZEE5 film ‘Barot House’. He is playing the husband of Manjari Fadnnis and is a father of two children. It is based on a true story where the couple lose one of their children and the entire family undergoes emotional and psychological hurdles in their lives.

It was not easy for Amit Sadh to play such a role and he was emotionally drained while playing the character. While talking to News18, he said that he has to bury his past issues with his dad to feel the pain of his character.


Talking about his issues with his dad in the past, Amit said that he had a lot of issues with his father when he was young. He couldn’t resolve them even after the death of his father. “But as I started growing, and as I started understanding his life and my life, there was a certain healing. It is very taxing to feel somebody else’s pain, but there’s no way to play a role like this superficially because then it won’t be effective. When I finished the film, it felt as if a big load has been taken off,” said the actor.

“I was shaken every day while shooting this, but there was a method to the madness. You have to dig into your old memories that you maybe have hidden or you are scared of. That’s why I love our craft. It allows you to go through a pendulum of emotions. There’s a certain healing in this catharsis,” he said while he talked about shooting the film.

Directed by Bugs Bhargava, the movie has released today on the OTT platform.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of ‘Barot House’, here it is.

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