EXCLUSIVE: Asim Riaz on critics calling him a copy: The whole Bollywood does moonwalk, do they copy MJ?

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Asim Riaz is back with his second rap song, Sky High. His first composition, titled Back To Start, the song was a hit with more than 11 million views. The Bigg Boss 13 star launched the next rap song, Sky High, on his own youtube channel. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Asim shares how he deals with fan’s reactions ~ both positive and negative. Does he get affected or is he able to handle it calmly? Does he read all the comments? He says, “I believe we all are messengers who come in this world and leave a message to the second person. It’s like helping each other. I am inspired by rapper Tupac a lot and I take help to further my music. And there are people who comment down that I am copying someone. I tell them go get a life! If you are putting one finger at me, put three fingers on you and see what you are doing. The famous moonwalk of Michael Jackson – people still do that. But that’s not copying his style it’s an inspiration. The whole B town does moonwalk. Do they copy MJ? No, they are all inspired like me. After thousands of years also Michael Jackson will be remembered for moonwalk.”

Asim also adds how people comment on his rapping and criticise him for copying. He says, “When I am rapping something you can’t tell me I am copying someone. I am inspired. For example, I am a huge admirer of model David Gandy and I love his pictures does that mean I will copy him? No!”

Asim is also someone who is releasing his song on his own without taking any labels help. So what inspires him to do that? He says, “I have faith in my audience, with respect to all the labels I just wanted to create my own independent scene. I want to stand for my squad the way they stand for me. I just want to tell people if I can do this then don’t lose hope. Let’s give our best. Have faith in your talent.”

Check out the full conversation below:

Asim’s last released music video was ‘Saiyyonee’ which was a beautiful track also featuring Shivaleeka Oberoi. Asim who was the first runner-up in Bigg Boss 13, lost out to Sidharth Shukla. In the process, Asim has picked up many loyal fans online.

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