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Asim Riaz is one of the most loved stars in the industry right now. He has quite an army of fans who love and adore him. From being the runner up on Bigg Boss 13 to dropping two singles that are huge hits Asim is living the best life right now. But it was not all hearts and flowers for the star as Asim Riaz had to go through quite the struggle that was 10 years long. But he doesn’t have any regrets and says he feels blessed that he had to go through that struggle to be where he is. In an exclusive chat with us, Asim opened up about his struggle days and said that he didn’t have money to have food; shared flat with 15 people.

Talking about his struggle, Asim Riaz told Bollywood Bubble, “I had to go through those days to be here. I feel blessed to what I’ve been through in my life and where I am today. If I had everything available then I would not have that fire to reach here. Even now I don’t have so many things and I have the same fire. I want to drop 20 songs but I have only done 2. It was the same back in the day when I had only 100 bucks and I had to earn Rs 10,000. When I got Rs 10,000 I had to earn one lakh. I did one ad and I wanted to do 10 ads, so that fire has to be there. 10 years I didn’t give up, I feel blessed to live that time and I’m living this.”


Further, Asim talked about his day in Bombay, from sharing a flat with 15 people to taking lifts for auditions to save money for meals, Asim said, “My dad gave me Rs 8,000. In 2012, the rent of a PG was Rs 8,000. But there were at least 15 people in that PG. In New Mahada, they would give you mattresses and cupboards that were the size of a matchbox to keep your clothes. I used to feel good that I came from so far and there are so many people around me and I am not alone. Because I was 18. When you don’t have the money, especially in Bombay, you pay the rent and everything else; but then you don’t have the money to eat, to go for auditions, for rickshaws so you’ve got to walk. For me, there came a time when I would go for auditions by taking lifts. Because then I had to choose between eating meals or paying the rickshaw fare. When you come down, rickshaw is a little expensive for us. I didn’t know much about buses, their numbers and what time they come; rickshaw is something that is available. It was okay because till the time I make it, I will be so honest that this is how I made it. You don’t have to lose hope. You will not become small by asking someone for help.”

Asim said that being rejected at auditions would hurt a lot. Because just being rejected on the basis of fit and unfit when you travelled so long would make him feel hurt even about the 50 bucks spent on a rickshaw, “I would go to an auditions thing I will crack this one. But when you go there ad they say you are not fit, it was like a bullet shooting to your heart. To give 10-15 auditions every day and then waiting in line for 30-45 minutes, when your turn comes you’re shivering because you don’t know how to do it.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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