‘Bigg Boss 13’ House will not be set up in Lonavala; it will be set up here!

Image Source - Instagram

‘Bigg Boss‘ is definitely television’s most controversial and chaotic house. It is about to be set up. For twelve years, all the seasons have been set up in Lonavala. So you might think that this year too, it will be set up there. But this time around, the ‘Bigg Boss’ creators have made some changes to their location.

A report by SpotboyE revealed that the ‘Bigg Boss’ house will be set up in Mumbai this time rather than Lonavala. Apparently, it will be shot in Film City instead of Lonavala.

The official also claimed that the shift was not because of cost-cutting. Well, the fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to roll out soon.

In an interview with DNA, Salman said about the show, “I find it interesting to watch people’s behaviour in the house, and when I see something going wrong, I get involved in it, unlike the other hosts who play it right. Earlier in my life, a lot of things have gone wrong, takleef toh hoti hai. Not only for the person, but even the parents go through a lot of trouble and pain. That’s the reason, when things go wrong in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, I tell them to not get into that space. But, honestly, this is where our country is going. If they do something that is not in our culture or go overboard then I step in for their sake. If those under the cameras inside the house are okay with behaving like that (badly) and people are watching them making it one of the highest-rated shows, obviously everyone is enjoying it.”

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