EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss OTT’s Akshara Singh OPENS on passing sexist comments on Neha Bhasin

Image Source - Instagram

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh was recently eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT. And now, in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Akshara opened up on her elimination from Bigg Boss OTT house, age shaming Shamita Shetty, using derogatory words for Neha Bhasin, and more.

When asked about why she thought Karan Johar was unfair to her, to which she said, “What should I say as these things are too small to talk on. Any which ways, I am out of the show. So, now these topics do not make any sense.”

When asked about the reason, why she felt so, to which she replied, “There was no reason. As an actress and as an artist I did feel bad as I was dishonoured and had to leave the show. They started the topic of women against women. That’s what I felt the most hurt about. Other than that I was not hurt. When they pinpointed and shamed me with the topic of sexist comments. However, that was not my intention at all. We all are from different cultures. In all cultures, the connotations of certain words and phrases are different and maybe that was the reason. However, in my culture, it is common to question and it was a small thing that was blown out of proportion.”

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She added, “I want to ask what exactly is feminism. I would like to apologize if I unintentionally hurt someone. However, at the same time, you should also accept my clarification. I myself have faced a lot of troubles and have strived hard to be where I am today. I always fought for women. And that’s why I was hurt the most when they raised the topic of a woman against woman.”

Akshara Singh garnered headlines for several incidents, a few involving Shamita Shetty and Moose Jattana. At the beginning of the season, Akshara told Milind Gaba, Nishant Bhat, Prateek Sehajpal and others that she did not like Moose’s comment on her career. She was schooled by Karan Johar for her comments on Neha.

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