‘Bigg Boss 13’: From hitting with frying pans to spilling tea – here are the most controversial moments from this season

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‘Bigg Boss 13′ is about to come to an end and we have our lucky six left in the house. This weekend we will have a name who will bag the trophy. ‘Bigg Boss 13’ has been a roller coaster ride with a wide range of emotions, anger being the dominant one.

The show has seen an innumerable amount of fights among the contestants be it for tasks or their personal lives. They have all been greater, bigger and uglier.  From Vishal Aditya Singh being beaten up with a frying pan to Rashami Desai throwing tea on Sidharth Shukla, there have been a lot of ruthless fights in the house.

Here is a list of the most controversial moments of ‘Bigg Boss 13’

Rashami Desai throwing tea on Sidharth Shukla who called her ‘aisi ladki’

Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla are one of the strongest rivals in the ‘Bigg Boss 13’. The two can’t seem to stand each other. It was during a ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode when Rashami was in a verbal war with Sidharth and she threw tea at him. Post that it was a completely chaotic situation as Sidharth ripped Arhaan’s jacket and Rashami was in a traumatized zone.

Arhaan Khan’s marriage and having a child being exposed by Salman Khan

Arhaan and Rashami’s relationship was all hearts and flowers when the former entered the house. He even went down on one knee and proposed to Rashami. But, things went sour when Salman exposed Arhaan’s past that Rashami partly knew. Arhaan had been married once earlier and he has a son as well. Rashami was completely shaken when Salman blasted Arhaan for hiding his secret of having a child.

Vishal Aditya Singh being hit by frying pan and slippers by Madhurima Tuli

Madhurima and Vishal had a very complicated relationship in the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house. The two were seen fighting and making up almost instantly in the house. No one could ever tell how they felt about each other or what their equation was. Madhurima was very violent and when she got angry at Vishal, she had hit him with slippers and a frying pan for which they were given a really long punishment that eventually resulted in Madhurima’s eviction.

Siddharth Dey’s ‘Shilajeet’ comment on Arti Singh

Sidharth Dey did not last that long in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as he was eliminated in the earlier weeks. He was known for speaking ill words and often saying things out of line. In a task in the house, Sidharth was being really rude to Arti who was simply doing her task and he passed a lewd comment. Arti was tickling Dey, applying powder and shaving cream on him when he said, “Bina shilajeet ke ladkiya yeh sab kar rahi hai (She is doing all this to me without even Shilajeet).” This comment even irked Salman and he later schooled Siddharth.

‘Fixed Deposit’ comment on Arti Singh

Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh have been really strong since the start of the show. The two have always supported each other but Sidharth was often seen going towards Shehnaaz when it comes to picking sides. So, Arti has been labeled as Sidharth’s fixed deposit. Sidharth claimed that Arhaan and Rashami started the comment and meant it in a very dirty way. Listening to this Arti broke down in tears and begged Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room.

Paras Chhabra being bashed by Salman Khan for using his girlfriend

Paras had kept the fact that he has a girlfriend outside the Bigg Boss house a secret until his equation with Sana went overboard and he had to show her his tattoo of ‘Akanksha’. Although Akanksha has always said that it is their collective game plan to keep romantic relations in the house but Paras has always said that he wants to break up with her. But, during one of the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes Paras was bashed by Salman for taking things from Akanksha and giving away those stuff to others.

Paras Chhabra accepting he wears a hair patch

Paras is one of the good looking lads in the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house, but all that we see is not real. Paras is partially bald because of scanty hair and it was somehow known to the contestants. In an episode, when Deepika Padukone entered the house, Paras finally opened up about his issue that he suffered hair loss during his modelling days and hence he uses a hair patch now to cover up.

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‘Bigg Boss 13’ is nearing its end this week and fans are on the edge of their seat to know who will bag the trophy this season. Meanwhile, contestants left in the house are Sidharth ShuklaShehnaaz GillParas Chhabra, Arti Singh, Asim Riaz, and Rashami Desai.

Till then you guys stay tuned to this space for more updates, news and gossip.

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