‘Bigg Boss 13’: “Sidharth Shukla doesn’t know how to talk to people, Asim Riaz is stupid,” says Sanaya Irani

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‘Bigg Boss 13′ is one of the most controversial houses on television. There is always chaos and someone always has a problem with one another. The fans outside are judging the contestants’ every move. Sanaya Irani is one such follower who is not happy with Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz’s behaviour in the house. She doesn’t like Sidharth’s aggression and called Asim an idiot.

Sanaya Irani, in a recent interview with RJ Akriti on RED FM India, spoke about her views on the contestants in the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house. She was asked if she wanted to be part of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and she gladly said no. But she does want to go inside the house once. She says, “I want to go inside and school them for whatever they are doing. No one will be spared from my taunts.


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Sanaya follows the show and has a list of people she dislikes and at the top is Sidharth Shukla she says she finds him rude and he does not know how to talk to people. She said, “I have known Sidharth and met him a couple of times outside. He doesn’t know how to talk to people, he has to learn the right way to behave with others. I’m honestly disappointed in him.”  She added, “I believe that the best form of Entertainment is not fighting. Siddharth unnecessarily pin-points Rashami and she tries to avoid any sort of interactions with him. Sidharth is not at all playing a good game.

Then she went on to talk about Asim, she said “Asim is an idiot, he is stupid. He is not mature enough to handle things and maybe that is what is going wrong with him.” Where most seem to dislike Paras Chabbra she is in favour of him as she says that he seems to hold his ground when he is in a fight and he does not make it disgusting.

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