Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar says Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat’s arguments are “extremely annoying”

Image Source - Instagram

During the Sunday Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT, Karan Johar told Shamita Shetty that her blow hot-blow cold relationship with Raqesh Bapat was “coming across as extremely annoying to the viewers.” They’ve been having a lot of arguments lately. Shamita stated that expressing her love for Raqesh in front of the cameras was taking her out of her comfort zone. She emphasised that she really liked him and believes their connection was organic, despite the fact that they were first ‘forced to be with each other because of the format of Bigg Boss OTT.

“He said a lot of things to me as well. ‘Our souls connected’, ‘Thank You for being there for me’, ‘you stood by me like a rock’. Whatever I felt, I thought it was mutual. But then, suddenly, in the last one week, I don’t know if it is because people called him spineless or because of what the aunty who came inside told him or because I am called dominating and bossy, he feels he needs to now stand up for himself because people think he is coming across as henpecked,” she said.

Shamita said that Raqesh’s need to be assertive has led to him behaving very differently with her, ‘sometimes to the extent of being very arrogant and insensitive. “The problem here is that I am trying to understand my own feelings and it is happening on national television. I have also seen a very beautiful side to him and I keep trying to tell him, ‘Come out of your shell, talk to me about what is going on in your head’, but he just locks me out,” she said.

Karan said that Shamita isn’t ready to read the writing on the wall and that Raqesh “wants out.” She admitted to being “very confused” and called wearing her heart on her sleeve “stupidity.” “Darling, then start an off-shoulder, it’s time to change that sleeve,” Karan told her.

Shamita stated that if she were outside the Bigg Boss house, she would have “a lot more distractions,” but Raqesh is “in (her) face.” Karan concluded the talk by reminding her that this is their personal issue that they must resolve and that he is only relaying how the audience feels.

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