‘Bigg Boss 13’: Kashmera Shah defends Siddharth Dey on fight with her sister-in-law Arti Singh

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‘Bigg Boss‘ is one of the most controversial shows on television. This season the contestants are getting into fights and arguments from the start. This week the contestants stirred up a major storm in the house and at the centre of it were Siddharth Dey and Krushna Abhishek’s sister Arti Singh.

It was during the nomination task when the girls had to try and get the boys to get up from their seats. Arti was trying her best with creams, spices and what not to make Siddharth leave his seat. Dey got furious and lashed out at her and made lewd comments. He said, “Bina shilajeet ke ladkiya yeh sab kar rahi hai.” Arti lost her cool after all this and bashed Dey for his words and inappropriate behaviour. This even got Siddharth Shukla furious and he warned him.

According to a report by Spotboye, While Krushna was furious with Siddharth for speaking to his sister in such a manner, Arti’s sister-in-law Kashmera had a different point of view. Kashmera told SpotboyE, “It’s a game. I am sure if Dey was outside, he would not say such things to any girl. And I am sure he would never be in a situation where he would have to sit in one place holding someone’s hands while someone was wiping unwanted things on his face. In Arti’s defense, she was doing a task where she had to do stuff to make Dey give up the task. She also stood up for herself. So, a request to everyone watching that this is just a task and not real life. In reality, both would not be put in such situations and would not have reacted like this

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