Rahul Roy: In ‘Bigg Boss’, all contestants have big myths in their own minds of being superstars, which I find funny

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Rahul Roy who made his Bollywood debut with ‘Aashiqui’, won ‘Bigg Boss‘ season 1. He was the calm and composed one among all the contestants and audiences liked him on the show because of his personality. Rahul believes in talking less and listening more.

We recently had an interaction with Rahul where he said, “When people are just talking just to make a noise, I think they are very stupid when they are saying that. So, I don’t think you should really be talking a lot more. You should say things that are more sensible and mean anything. That’s what I try to do.”

‘Bigg Boss’ is one of the most-watched reality shows on television and currently, Salman is hosting its 14th Season. Talking about it, Rahul said, “‘Bigg Boss 1’ was very different from what it is now. The irony of Bigg Boss is that we will love to hate it but we will always want to watch it. But I genuinely wish that contestants ‘fight for anything on their principles’. There is no problem with it. But don’t fight for a situation from ego. When they fight from ego, it becomes laughable. And why it becomes laughable because of all of them that go on to this huge platform they are myths in their own minds. From where do they think they are stars? Who knows them? Nobody knows them. Everybody is created and made into a star. Once you create your own aura, then at the end of the season, you can be a star. But their own path of what they take I think is absolutely wrong that ‘I will fight, I will do drama and everything’. If that is how you going to be a superstar and all, that is absolutely rubbish.”

He added, “The only person who has been making it is Salman Khan. Beyond him, there is nobody. Let’s see what this season is going to be or not because there are lots of questions also regarding this season what is going to happen. But I find the whole thing very funny. All of them are big myths of big superstars. God bless them.”

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