Children’s Day Special: TV celebs share their fondest childhood memories

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How we all miss those carefree and innocent childhood days, and those memories that we created. But then there are some memories which are so deeply etched in our hearts that even a thought of it brings a smile to our face. So with Children’s Day being celebrated on Saturday (November 14), TV celebs share their fondest childhood memories.

Savi Thakur

There is one naughty memory of my childhood which I want to share. I went to a park one day, and there was a girl who was eating a bar of chocolate, I asked her to give me a bite, and when she refused I bit her on her cheeks.

Avinash Mukherjee

It was my seventh or eighth birthday, I woke up around 7 p.m. and I was sad as there was no party planned. As a child, you expect gifts on your birthday, and I used to live with my grandparents so when I woke up in the evening, I went for a shower and when I came back I saw all my friends there, my grandparents had planned a surprise birthday for me.

Sucheeta Trivedi


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My fondest memory would be going with my father to his mill in Mulund and Byculla. It was a flour mill with the ceiling at a height of 20 feet.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary


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My father’s family is from a farming background, so whenever we visited our village we used to do all desi things, like eat ghee, take a bath at the tube well, and play a lot of games, that is my fondest memory.

Akshit Sukhija


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During school, we all used to enjoy going for a picnic but waking up in the morning on regular days was something very annoying but on the picnic day I used to wake up happily with a smiling face. And once we were taken to the Parle-G factory. That is my fondest childhood memory.

Pranitaa Pandit


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When I was six years old there was a dance performance where I was about to perform Kathak and on the same day I got a bad fever and I thought I cannot do it but somehow my mom really motivated me to dance and I actually ended up dancing with 102 fever, and I did well, it made me feel so good.

Nishant Singh Malkhani

My fondest memory would be playing cricket with my younger brother. I was an overprotective brother, and even if he was out, I would side with him and say he is not.

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