COVID 19: Rakhi Sawant's request to Kangana Ranaut: Please serve the nation; You have so much money
Image Source - Instagram

Rakhi Sawant has never been the one to mince her words. Recently, while interacting with the paparazzi, she requested Kangana Ranaut to come forward and serve the nation and use the money she has earned to buy oxygen cylinders for people. Many stars including Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Ayushmann Khurrana, Taapsee Pannu among others have been amplifying voices and helping those in need in such crucial times. While we have heard nothing from Kangana Ranaut in these regards, Rakhi urged her to come forward and help. When Rakhi Sawant was asked to comment on the current situation, the actress answered it with a request.


When someone from the media asked Rakhi Sawant, “Kangana Ranaut ji bhi bol rahi thi aaj kal desh ki haalat bahut kharaab hai, Modi ji sahi hai ya galat hai, oxygen nahi mil raha kayi kayi jagah pe, humare liye, desh ke liye, toh uske baad kya bolna chahengi. Kangana ji ne bola hai jo (Kangana said that the situation in the country is bad, whether Modi is right or wrong but oxygen is not available. What do you have to say on this).” Rekhi replied, “Nahi mil raha? Oh ho! Kangana ji aap desh ki sewa kijiye na, please. Itne karodo rupayee aapke paas hai, oxygen khareediye, aur logo mein bantiye, hum toh yehi kar rahe hai (It’s unavailable, right? Oh ho! Kangana, please serve the nation. You have earned so much money, buy oxygen and distribute it to the needy people.).

In the video, Rakhi Sawant is also was seen wearing a double mask which she removed while interacting with the press. She was also seen schooling the paps on taking care of themselves and the family in such times. In other news, Rakhi’s mother recently got her surgery done to remove tumour from her body.

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