Divya Bhatnagar’s brother shares her chats in which she had revealed about husband Gagan beating her with belt

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Divya Bhatnagar had contracted Coronavirus and after her condition deteriorated she was put on a ventilator. She died on December 7 after suffering a cardiac arrest. The actress’ family and friends are devastated by her death.

Recently, Divya’s brother Devashish shared screenshots of her chats in which she had accused her husband Gagan of beating her.

Following Divya’s death, her friend Devoleena Bhattacharjee had lashed out at her husband Gagan and accused him of physically and mentally torturing the late actress. Now Divya’s brother has shared screenshots of his conversation with her. In those chats, Divya claimed that Gagan tricked her into marriage and also accused him of assaulting her on several occasions.

Divya’s brother shared those screenshots on her Instagram handle. Alongside them, he wrote, “I wish I could get to know all this.
I wish i could tell her that it is okay to take stand for yourself. I wish i could tell het that girls are the most powerful human species. I wish i could save her from this devil. Please speak up before it is too late and specially to your family. Because you can share things with friends but only family can take you out from messes. I want this guy hanged @whogabru. This is guy is been threatening Divya Bhatnagar that he will get me(her brother) and mother killed, defame her, screw her life if she would share anything with anyone. Now i am handing over this case to all of her fans, friends, family and the people who actually care about humanity.”

In the chats, apart from talking about Gagan’s abusive nature, Divya had also said that he had married her by threatening her. She even accused her husband’s family of being a fraud. The actress said that Gagan had broken her finger multiple times and used to beat her on trivial things.

You can check out the chats below(swipe left).

Previously Divya’s brother Devashish had told Times of India, that he had found a note in her cupboard in which she had written about Gagan torturing her. He had also said that his family is planning to file a case against Gagan.

Meanwhile, Gagan has refuted all the allegations levelled against him.

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