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Actor Barun Sobti has constantly shared adorable pictures of his daughter Sifat on his social media account. Since the actor made his Instagram debut, he has never missed a moment to treat his fans with pictures of his little one. In an exclusive chat with us, Barun Sobti opened up about his daughter Sifat. When Barun was asked to share what new things Sifat is busy learning, the 200 Halla Ho actor shared interesting details about his two-year-old. He even opened up about her birthday bash.

Barun Sobti revealed what new things his two-year-old Sifat is learning these days. The actor said, “We have a very casual set-up at home actually.” He added, “She talks now. She can easily explain what she is trying to do.” The actor mentioned that his daughter is in a good space and is growing up well. 


He said, “She is in a good space. She is growing up well. And she looks like a reasonable child.”

Barun Sobti’s daughter recently celebrated her second birthday. The actor shared details about her fun-filled Birthday bash. He revealed that he along with his family and friends had jetted off to a secluded location, exclusive to them. Barun mentioned his daughter loved the experience and had a great time. The actor shared that his daughter enjoyed doing the activities the place had to offer. He mentioned it was an open space.

Speaking about sharing pictures of his family or child on social media, the 200 Halla Ho actor said he is ‘okay’ with it. He mentioned is fine with sharing pictures of his little one. 

Barun Sobti and his wife, Pashmeen Manchanda tied the knot in December 2010. They welcomed their first child, daughter Sifat on June 28. Sifat was born in 2019.

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