EXCLUSIVE: Will Shamita Shetty be friends with Divya Agarwal again? The Bigg Boss 15 contestant answers!

Image Source - Instagram

Actor Shamita Shetty made a smashing entry in the Bigg Boss 15 house, after her successful stint on the show Bigg Boss OTT. The actress made a stunning appearance and was welcomed by host Salman Khan. During her stint on Bigg Boss OTT, Shamita first bonded well with winner Divya Agarwal. However, their relationship turned sour after a few days on the show. In an exclusive interview with us, Shamita Shetty opened up about her equation with Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal. She revealed if she would give their friendship another chance.

When asked if she would give Divya and her friendship another chance, Shamita Shetty reacted.

She said, “So, let me just put it like this. I have nothing against Divya. I did read a few comments that she made and I kinda chose to stay mum about it. Because, like I said, I kinda understand where we were, I understand why things happened a certain way there.”

Talking about Divya Agarwal further, Shamita Shetty added, “Her personality is very different from mine. Mine was more reactive, I was only reacting to everything that was happening to me in that house, when it came to Divya, I think. But, I am not going to be bad to her out if the house. I will always be very cordial with her. She is a sweet girl. When we all have niceness in us, so why will I be bad to her.

During her entry on BB 15, Shamita got into a heated argument in front of host Salman Khan, with Nishant Bhat. They argued. Ahead of the Bigg Boss 15 grand premiere, Shamita Shetty had made a post. She had shared a selfie of hers on her Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of her look.

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