EXCLUSIVE: Himanshi Khurana on pay disparity: Have seen Asim Riaz getting paid more but didn’t bother me

Image Source - Instagram

Himanshi Khurana is today one of the highest-paid celebrities up North. The actress doesn’t shy away from accepting this and mentions that people see the money but very few know the struggle behind it. Currently happy with the response to her song, Surma Bole, Himanshi was all candid during our exclusive chat with her. When asked if she has come to a point where she can demand an ‘XYZ’ amount without any apprehensions. To this, Himanshi had an interesting take. While she accepts that pay disparity is still there, she exclaims that she has accepted the situation and works towards making the most of the available opportunities.

“I don’t think this disparity will ever go. Sometimes, I feel it is okay to accept the situation instead of fighting for it and saying no to work,” Himanshi Khurana told us and added, “For me, Bigg Boss was the turning point and if I didn’t work after that, it wouldn’t be of any use to me. Before Bigg Boss, I was only doing quality work, I made a name for myself in the time when girls in Punjab did not get any recognition or priority. I only gave priority to quality work. Now, I have come to a point where I have to look after everyone associated with me.”

She continued, “I am demanding what I think I deserve so that I can save for my wedding and my family. Whatever people say, I decide what is good or bad for me.” Himanshi also mentioned that she has also faced disparity when it comes to beau Asim Riaz who would get paid better than her. “I have faced pay disparity even with Asim where people would pay him more than me but then I focus on what that project will do to my career. You have to think like a businesswoman in such times.”

Himanshi also reiterated that for her, more than money, the aura that gets created when she enters or the respect and treatment one gives when she is on sets, matters most.

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