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Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are amongst one of the most loved and adored couples in the entertainment industry. They have been married for the longest time. The couple is married for over 11 years now and has been friends before anything else. Jay and Mahhi were our guests on the finale episode of Bollywood Bubble’s show Chemistry 101 season 2. In an exclusive chat with us, the couple opened up about their secret wedding. Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij shared how they got married in an intimate ceremony and kept their wedding a big secret from the media.

Jay and Mahhi Vij shared that they had a court wedding in 2010. Post that, the couple managed to keep their wedding a secret from the media for a year, until everyone finally got to know about it.


Talking about the same, Mahhi said, “Ek toh I don’t like hiding things and all. Mujhe toh samajh hi nahi aata woh sab. (Firstly, I don’t like hiding things and all. I don’t understand all of that.) But somewhere he was 26, and all his friends were unmarried.


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Jay went on to share that it was not because of his career that he hid his marriage to Mahhi. He shared it was some other reason.

Talking on the same, Bhanushali said, “Kyunki hai na, main bada apne circle mein stud tha. Woh bolte the ki tu toh aakhri mein shaadi karega. Toh itna pressure daal diya tha. Toh maine bola ‘Ab yeh ladki jaane bhi nahi de sakta’. (Because, I was a stud in my friends circle. They used to say that I would be the last to get married. So, there was so much pressure on me. And I couldn’t let go off the girl as well.

Jay Bhanushali added, “Toh iske chakkar mein maine kar diya, aur phir isko bola ki batana nahi kisiko. (So, for Mahhi, I got married, and then I asked her to not tell anyone about our wedding.)

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