EXCLUSIVE: Manoj Bajpayee on bond with Samantha Akkineni: Have huge admiration for her hard work

Image Source - Instagram

The Family Man Season 2 has been receiving immense love and appreciation ever since it premiered. Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi and Samantha Akkineni in lead roles, The Family Man Season 2 has already proven to be a huge success. In a candid interview with Bollywood Bubble, Manoj Bajpayee opened up on the overwhelming response to the show, his equation with Sharib, working with Samantha for the first time, the controversy stirred against The Family Man 2 before the release and more. Manoj Bajpayee also spilled some beans on the third season of the much-loved show and revealed how difficult it was to shoot the climax scene.

About the success of The Family Man 2 success, Manoj Bajpayee said that the response is overwhelming. “The furor and frenzy are unprecedented and we did not expect it to be this huge. We are so glad that people are loving it.”

When asked about working with Samantha Akkineni and what kind of an interaction did they have, Manoj Bajpayee shared a great story. He said that he had seen a lot of her work and knew she was a star and she is coming in with a huge fan base. “I was aware of a couple of work I had seen and had huge admiration for her. The manner in which she went for the role is commendable, the way she prepared for the role is there for everyone to see and that’s why she is been showered with so much love.”

Manoj Bajpayee added, “My interaction with her off the camera was when we were all waiting for our shots. I was cooking mutton and feeding everyone including her. She was someone who was very conscious of her diet but she would come and sit with us which is not common in many industries to see the big Heroine and come and sit with everyone. It was refreshing to see someone like her come and try to know these Mumbai film industry actors and technicians. Now all of us are so close, you should see the Whatsapp group of our team (laughs).”

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