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After a long wait, The Family Man 2 is all set to entice audiences on June 4, 2021. Viewers are excited to see Manoj Bajpayee (Srikant) and Priyamani (Suchitra). But they’re super excited for Samantha Akkineni as Rajalekshmi Chandran (Raji). Yes! The makers have gotten Samantha Akkineni on board to play the female antagonist in The Family Man 2. After chatting with Manoj and Samantha, Bollywood Bubble connected with Priyamani to talk about the much-awaited web series. In an exclusive chat with us, Priyamani opened up about her equation with Samantha Akkineni and the latter’s role in the show.

Priyamani told us that she is not insecure about Samantha Akkineni being a part of The Family Man 2, and they share a cordial relationship. She also added that she was bowled over by Samantha’s terrific performance. Both, Samantha Akkineni and Priyamani are known to be extremely secure actors, and fans are waiting to see them onscreen together.


“Unfortunately, we don’t have a scene in the show. I won’t say that we’re best of friends or worst of enemies. But, we’re very cordial with each other. Whenever we see each other, we greet each other with a very warm smile. She is a fabulous person by heart. She is a great humanitarian, and she’s doing great for herself. Personally and professionally she is doing very well for herself. Definitely, I will wish her all the best,” Priyamani told Bollywood Bubble.

She continued, “There is nothing like, ‘Oh you know, am I going to be reduced to a cameo appearance because Samantha is there? Nothing like that!’ Her story in Family Man is completely different and mine is completely different. But, one thing I can proudly say that without the family woman, there’s no family man (laughs). Jokes aside, No. I think that media is just playing up the things about catfights and all. Today, I feel females are strong enough to know what they want and what they want to do, and that’s why they are very comfortable with each other.”



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