EXCLUSIVE: Rithvik Dhanjani on sabbatical from TV, upcoming show, OTT censorship, Bollywood debut & Holi plans

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Rithvik Dhanjani has been ruling the Indian Television industry for the past decade. Not merely as an actor, but as an artist, a dancer and a host, Rithvik has proved his mettle in all fields. The handsome hunk has returned to the TV screens as the host for Super Dancer Chapter 4. We, at Bollywood Bubble, got in touch with Rithvik Dhanjani to know about his return to TV with fiction shows, web series, Bollywood Debut and more.

Ask Rithvik about his upcoming show, he said, “In 2021 you will be able to see me in the show that I have been working for the past 2 and a half years. I am really excited to see me. It is a web series.” Yes, this means Rithvik Dhanjani is not returning to the small screen but is all set to take over digital platforms once again.

When asked about his views on OTT censorship, Rithvik shared, “I feel that there has to be freedom, you cant block creativity, creative forms, storytelling is free-flowing art. If you try to bind it in regulation, then the content will suffer in some form. You can’t have rules and regulations over a creative mind. But having said that, I also believe we live in a society where we have so many communities, so many people with different conditioning and different mindsets, so we have to draw a balance. We as makers only have to be responsible where we don’t cross the line hurting anybody and sentiments. Anything beyond that goes for a work of fiction till then it is fine.”

“But, if there are more rules and regulations then that is not good and fair. Too many restrictions affect the creative minds of the artist and hamper their way of thinking, and shuts it down. It’s like when they want to tell a story, they have to think if they can say it or not. You cannot bind the creativity in a box, it has to be open and wide in the universe, so that’s how I think it should be on OTT platforms,” he added.

Many actors are foraying into the big screen, ask Rithvik Dhanjani on his Bollywood debut plans, he expressed, “Inshallah aapke mu me ghee shakkar, this good news I will give you this year and I promise you on that.” Well, it seems like 2021 is going to be full of surprises for the actor’s fans.

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With the ongoing trend of music videos, ask Rithvik if he is keen on doing songs, he shared, “I have been offered a bunch of music videos but I don’t do it because I like very few songs. I have a very selective taste in music. So, if get a song with touches my heart I will definitely love to do it, but not just if it’s just for the sake of doing a music video.” Lastly, with Holi 2021 around the corner, Rithvik said that he will be working and travelling on Holi.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 has Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu as the judges. The show premiered last night, i.e. March 27. Well, are you looking forward to Rithvik Dhanjani’s upcoming web show and Bollywood debut? Also, are you missing him on the small screens in a daily soap? Let us know.

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