Rubina Dilaik on battling depression
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Rubina Dilaik is undoubtedly one of the strongest women we know. The actress won the title for Bigg Boss 14 this year and in a candid chat opened up on her journey. Rubina Dilaik opened up at length about battling depression and what helped her get through it. She shared that at one point when her work wasn’t great and her relationship at its lowest, that’s when she felt lost. However, she didn’t give up and found her way out and is glad to have come out of it. Rubina Dilaik also opened up on facing judgments and being labelled and how she has learned to ignore the noise.

Opening up on how is her mental space currently, Rubina asserted, “Mental health is an ongoing process. Sometimes, work overwhelms you, sometimes situations overwhelm you. So I have to make a conscious effort to find time for myself where I can relax and be with my books or indulge in yoga. I have not been able to get back to my regular practice of yoga because that is what centers me but I don’t give up on myself.” She added that she doesn’t shy away from accepting that it does become difficult for her and she battled depression but she found her way to cope up with it. “I don’t shy away from accepting that it becomes difficult but I find myself getting back to my sanity, my peace of mind, again and again,” Rubina added.


Rubina Dilaik had also mentioned having suicidal thoughts a few years back in her life. She had made this revelation during Bigg Boss 14. A very few public figures open up on their hardships like this and when we asked Rubina on the same, she took us back to what led to that phase in her life. She recounted, “Let me take you back 8-9 years where I was in my life, unstable, insecure, overambitious, not knowing what to, not understanding how to handle professional life with personal life, away from family, too much into work that did not find time to make friends. In that situation, you just isolate yourself from the possibility of leading a happy life and that’s what creates a lack of empathy towards yourself.”

She shared, “How it affects you? You tend to feel low on confidence, lack of sleep, bouts of anxiety, and depression where you don’t feel like interacting with anyone, you would be irritably and give up on yourself and life. You are demotivated. That’s when I realised there is something wrong. The sad part is such things are not talked about. You wonder what is happening. There are a lot of ifs.. why is the relationship not working? Why am I not doing this or that, a lot of why and you don’t see a solution. That is when I realised the problem is somewhere within.”

Rubina revealed that as depression was still considered a hush-hush subject, she found relief online. “I did not understand it back then because no one spoke about depression back then and all I could do is turn up to self-care groups, listen to audiotapes. Here it was taboo to even lookup for a psychologist and at that time, we were aware of these things. I think I started taking therapy online and started healing.”

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She recalled, “I think it was a blessing in disguise for me that my work was not doing great at that time and the relationship was going through the lowest time and hence I was wanting to hold on to something. I found that solace with yoga, counseling, and meditation. I would look up online for help too and started healing. Fortunately, I figured what was wrong and I reached out to people, close ones to talk about what I was going through, not openly but took baby steps towards it.”

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