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Fans of Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra loved their onscreen chemistry and always wished to see them as a real-life couple. And now, finally, after many years, Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra are tying the knot today, April 26, 2021. Their wedding ceremony takes place in Punjab, and the excitement level is top-notch. Speculations of the two dating each other kept going on for long, but they never admitted to it. And now they’re getting married everyone is curious to know about the love story of Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra. Yes!

With Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra beginning a new phase of their life, fans are curious to know details of their love story. So, we, got in touch with Sanket to know more about his relationship with Sugandha. In an exclusive and candid chat with Bollywood Bubble, Sanket Bhosale spilled the beans of his love story with Sugandha Mishra, their first meeting and more. He also spoke about their first date and his first impression of her.


Recalling his first meeting with Sugandha, Sanket shared, “The first time we met for a show’s shoot in Dubai. It was my first comedy gig and there I met Sugandha for the first time. I had not seen her work before, and she also did not know much about me. So, we sat together and had a hearty talk. We had a very straightforward and frank talk with each other.”

“As a human being, I really like Sugandha. I found her to be a good companion to be with, to work with. She is very approachable and friendly, that’s what I liked about her first. I also noticed that she is very work-oriented and focussed, I felt like, this is how girls must be, hardworking,” Sanket revealed about his first impression of Sugandha.

Ask him when he realised she is the ‘one’ for him, Sanket said that he feels connected and attached to her. “I feel, ‘Marriages are made in heaven.’ We’re extremely compatible with each other, our frequencies and vibes match. I have worked with many people, Sugandha is very different, she is not like others. We have a spark together, between us, and that’s where I felt that she is the one for me, and we’re meant together,” Sanket told us.

Ask him about his love story and how he fell in love with her, Sanket said that he never noticed how they fell in love. “But whenever she is not around, I feel something is missing. And whenever, she is there, I feel I’m complete. That’s my genuine feelings about our relationship,” he shared.


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He added, “Whenever you feel complete with someone, you want to hold that person near to you, and that’s what I feel with Sugandha. Eventually, she also started feeling the same. And then we started planning our outings, trips and other things together.”

“Kisi ki bhi company se zyada jab aapko uss insaan ki company pasand aaye, toh I feel that is love,” a shy Sanket stated. “That is what I understood about love, and now I’m getting married to learn more about it. I still have a lot to learn about life, love and work from Sugandha and now we’re finally getting married, what’s better than that,” he quppied giving a touch of his comic skills to the answer.

When asked how their bond has changed over the years, Sanket shared, “Initially, we had to say what we wanted or wanted out of each other. But with time our understanding of each other has grown. Now, we understand things without the other one having to say it. There’s an unsaid sense of communication now,” he told us. And continued, “Aankhon hi aankhon se samaj aa jaata hai ke kya chahiye yaa kya bolna chahtein hain!’

It seems like every outing together is a date for Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra. When asked about his first date with Sugandha, Sanket asserted, “Though we’re true filmy people, when we’re together we’re not so filmy, I don’t know why. We’ve always found freedom, comfort and fun together. We both love travelling, so we often travel to places together. While others may feel that we’re out on a date, for us, it’s all about enjoying each other’s company and being happy.”

Ask him about their fights, Sanket says, ‘No, no, mein pange lunga kabhi. Yeh kab nahi ho sakta.’ Also, I would recommend that no other guy should get into a tiff with their girls or partners.

Lastly, he revealed what he likes and dislikes about Sugandha, and it will melt your hearts. “I like when she is giving me attention, I don’t like when she is not giving me attention, and rather gives it to someone else,” he signed off.

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