EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh expresses desire to work with Hina Khan again, Here’s what he said

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Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan have garnered a massive fan base, ever since their music video titled Baarish Ban Jaana was released. The duo has won the hearts of many with their sizzling chemistry in the music video. After the release of their music video, Shaheer and Hina had an army of ShaHina shippers. We sat down with Shaheer for a candid chat recently. And the actor opened up about his sweet bond with his Baarish Ban Jaana co-star.

In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Shaheer Sheikh spoke about his plans of working with Hina Khan. He expressed his desire to work with the actress and revealed that he is looking forward to it. Shaheer even mentioned that Hina and he have been planning to work on something.

Speaking about plans of working with Hina, Sheikh said, “I really wanting to do a song with her. And for some reason, things have not been working out only, I don’t know why. And we both have been trying.”


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The actor added, “Because, last time, we had figured out something, but then I had to go to Indonesia and we couldn’t shoot that. Otherwise, I really wanted to work with her, shoot with her.”

Shaheer mentioned that at the moment, Hina and he do not have a project to work on. However, talking about the plans of doing something special for the ShaHina fans, the actor further said, “We were talking about something in the last month. But it didn’t materialize. But now I am really wanting to. Because, people have liked it, people have given it so much love that I want to do something. Do something for the people that have supported us till now; do something for them.”

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