EXCLUSIVE: Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat open up on how their families reacted to their relationship

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Actors Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat have been winning hearts ever since the couple shared their first photo together. During their stint on Bigg Boss OTT, Raqesh and Shamita were ‘connections’ and developed a strong bond later. They grew fond of each other. After their exit from the house, the Bigg Boss OTT couple headed out for a dinner date and made quite a classy appearance in the city recently. They have been in a relationship ever since. In an exclusive chat with us, Raqesh and Shamita opened up on how their families reacted to the news about their relationship.

Shamita Shetty opened up about how her family reacted to her bond with Raqesh Bapat. She said, “See, I’ll speak about my family. At the end of the day, they are just happy that, you know, I have just connected with someone after really long. At the end of the day, they will see me in a happy space, they will be happy, irrespective.

They also loved Raqesh on the show and the person he is. So, it is for Raqesh and me to sort of, take a call on this. Right now, we’re just getting to know each other, it’s too soon. So, I’ll just leave it at that,” Shamita added.

When Raqesh was questioned about the same, he requested Shamita to answer for him. However, she refused to do so. Sharing his side of the story, Bapat said, “As she said, it’s the same thing, for me also. My family too. I mean they like Shamita, the way she took up for me.”

Raqesh Bapat recalled the incident when Shamita took a stand for him during her conversation with Pratik Sehajpal, in the Bigg Boss OTT house. He said, “I still remember that episode where she and Pratik were talking in the bathroom, and how she took up for me was something really.”

Bapat added, “You need guts to do that on camera and say whatever she said. And they also saw that and I also saw that. And I think that’s enough reason for a person to be likeable. And they really appreciated what she did for me. She was like this one woman army for me inside this house. A family always needs a person for their son or daughter to fight for them, to be for them, so obviously, they really appreciated it.”

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty also opened up about marriage plans, her entry into the Bigg Boss 15 house and more, during their exclusive first-ever interview with us.

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