EXCLUSIVE: Soundarya Sharma talks about the time Shalin Bhanot kissed her on cheek: Should’ve said something back then

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In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 16, actor Shalin Bhanot was seen planting a kiss on actor Soundarya Sharma’s cheek. However, the entire scenario was not well received by the housemates as well as the audience. Now, recalling the incident, Soundarya Sharma stated that she should have said something back then instead of not reacting at that time.

Soundarya on receiving a kiss from Shalin Bhanot:

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood, when asked if the scene went a little overboard. Soundarya told us, “Yes, he is always overboard when he talks about the stupidest things and that’s him and it reflects on him and not on me. Speaking about kissing me on the cheeks, if it was that unhealthy, then it wouldn’t have happened in front of so many people on national TV but having said that when he kissed me after the treadmill, I think people didn’t get it in a good spirit because I’m not somebody who comes from a narrow-minded background and I didn’t say anything that time but I think I should have said something back then because I didn’t know this side of his personality will also come up who spreads rumours about someone in a fit of anger. However, not a single person took a stand on the same who always portrayed themselves to be true. They are very selectively convenient and they are playing the emotional card which is again good for them, it is their game, it is their prerogative, I’m nobody to comment on that.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, she also spoke about Manya Singh’s comments on her, while exposing the game of her fellow contestants like Shiv Thakre and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Moreover, Sharma also clarified whether or not her little skit with Archana Gautam was a dig at Sajid Khan.

For the unversed, to make Gautam Singh Vig and Tina Datta jealous, Shalin kissed Soundarya on her cheeks. In response, even Gautam started flirting with Tina to make them jealous. However, things turned ugly and a huge fight was witnessed between Shalin and Gautam.

Watch the full interview here:

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