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Bigg Boss 16 contestant Tina Datta made headlines during her stint on the controversial show. She was evicted from the house recently. The highlights from the time Tina Datta spent on Bigg Boss 16 were from her friendship with Shalin Bhanot to them eventually turning against each other.

After her eviction, we sat down with Tina Datta for a candid conversation. In an exclusive interview with us, the Bigg Boss 16 fame opened up about her equation with Shalin.

Tina Datta BLASTS Shalin Bhanot

She admitted that their friendship was ‘real’ until they locked horns. Tina Datta also called Shalin Bhanot an ‘extremely aggressive man’ and alleged he would come charging at her.

Speaking about Shalin’s aggressive behavior, Tina told Bollywood Bubble, “So, when I was spending more time with him (Shalin), I got to know that he is a manipulator. He is an extremely aggressive man. And, now when I come out, I got to know that he has had aggression issues over the past years also.

Datta added, “And there has been times when he would throw things, break things, come charging at me, and all of that.

She continued, “So then, I realized and I was sure that I can’t be with someone who’s as aggressive. Because, agar abhi yeh situation hai (If that’s the situation now), so things only get worse. Everybody knows that. And I also realized that he’s a better actor than a better person.

Tina on close friendship with Shalin Bhanot

When asked if there was anything genuine between Shalin and her, Tina reacted and said, “Ofcourse.

Further, the actress said, “See, if you see the overall journey. It was him who had started to woo me you know. Peeche peeche ghumta tha, log uski Masti bhi karte the (He just roam behind me, people used to make fun of him as well), in a positive way or whatever. And then, you become friends, you get to know the person.

Tina added, “Aap shuru ke ek hafte mein kisi insaan ko itne ache se nahi jaan paate (In one week, you don’t get to know the complete person). Because, everybody is going to put their best foot forward. So, when you spend more time with that person, you actually get to know the person more.”

Datta continued, “Agar aap 6 mahina, ek saal kisike saath bitate, toh aap aur gehraiyi se unko jaante hai. And, Bigg Boss ke ghar mein, main ek cheez maanti hun ki cheeze fast forward mode pe chalti hai (If you spend a year, or 6 months with a person, you get to know them well. And, in the Bigg Boss house, I feel that everything works in a fast forward mode). 24/7 your spending time with that person.

Later, Tina explained how she understood the real side of Shalin and decided to maintain a distance from him.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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