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Sumbul Touqeer Khan is facing the danger of eviction this week in Bigg Boss 16. The young actress has had a tumultuous journey on the show. During family week, Sumbul Touqeer received a visit by her Bade Papa, Iqbal Hasan Khan. He got in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble where he slammed Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta for their ugly game towards Sumbul.

Sumbul’s uncle on Shalin and Tina targeting her

When mentioned about how Shalin and Tina used to blame Sumbul for being obsessed with him and for her father’s call, Sumbul’s uncle said, “Tina ka pura game Sumbul pe hi sthir hai. Agar Sumbul nahi hoti, mujhe nahi pata Tina karti kya wahaan par. Actually shuru se hi usne Sumbul ko target banaya hai kyunki soft target tha. Bachchi samajh nahi pa rahi thi to usne usi pe khela hai. Aur Shalin ke paas bhi kuch game nahi tha. Shalin ek baar ye kehte sune gaye ki ‘meri wajah se tum ho’. Mujhe nahi lagta, mujhe ye lag raha tha ki ulta uski wajah se wo wahaan pahucha hai. (Tina’s whole game was depended on Sumbul. If she wouldn’t have been there, I don’t know what Tina would have done. From the beginning she made Sumbul her target because it was a soft one. Being a young girl, Sumbul couldn’t understand it and Tina played on that. Shalin once said Sumbul was there because of him. I felt the reverse, he reached even that point because of Sumbul).”

Sumbul’s uncle on Shalin and Tina’s game

On being asked to comment on the game of Shalin, Sumbul’s uncle said, “Actor, only actor. Bas only actor aur uske alawa kuch nahi. Wo wahaan jo dikh raha hai, to uske hisaab se acting ke alawa kuch nahi kara raha hai. (He is just an actor, nothing else. Whatever he is showing, he is doing nothing other than acting).” For Tina, he said, “Fake bandi (Fake girl)”. When asked if he ever felt Shalin and Tina used Sumbul, he quickly said, “Uske alawa unke paas koi kaam nahi tha. (They didn’t have any other game than that).” Sumbul is facing the danger of eviction this weekend, and it remains to be seen what the fate holds for her.

You can watch the entire interview with Sumbul’s uncle here:

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