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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was recently evicted from the Salman Khan-hosted show Bigg Boss 16. Post eviction, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble and was asked about the time she argued with her father on the show. Netizens had slammed Nimrit for misbehaving with her father on National TV.

Nimrit on arguing with father on National TV

While talking to us, Nimrit got teary-eyed as she stated that she was being herself in front of her dad. The actress told us, “You know it’s very funny sometimes that I’m living there 24 hours. Trust me when I say this that I knew exactly what was happening. Sometimes for my own sanity I chose not to react and sometimes I chose to conduct myself in certain ways because I know what my principals are and I know what my parents have taught me. And I also know that naam kamana bohot aasaan hota hai, izzat kamana is the most difficult thing.”

Nimrit added, “So my dad he is a hard task master. He is an Army man so what do you expect? He’s going to be like ‘good, shabaash’. You know, everybody’s mums are coming in and they all are moldy moldy ki mera baccha sabse pyaara n all of that jazz going on. And my dad was like good we are proud of you. He must have said that twice and he has the tendency to you know, obviously he’s protective. He loves me the most, more than my own mother and I know that and everybody is pretty jealous of that. But getting back to the point, he has the tendency of retarating himself also because he came from a place where he felt like I should not miss out on any pointers that I can help her, in her journey forward and I completely understand that.”

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia went on to add, “Everybody came out having a conversation like how can she behave like this on National television blah blah. I chose to be on National TV and be as vulnerable and as real as it could get. Just because my father is sitting there that does not mean I camouflage my emotions. I know that these are conversations that all of us have had with our parents because parents and children its such a bond, you can’t have that love even with your spouse. It’s the most purest form of love. And if I can’t be a 10-year-old in front of my father and not vent on of I was going through, and every day people are pulling me down and if I can’t express that freely. I felt what’s wrong because he’s my father (crying) I have every right on him and he has every right on me. If we have right on each other then why is the world judging me? He is my father.”

The actress added, “I can be a 10-year-old child in front of him and tell him that dad I missed you and I am going crazy here. Maybe I couldn’t say that enough. So, all of a sudden everybody just went like Oh my God it’s national TV but I mean I am sorry we’ve been brushing our teeths on national television. We have been taking our dump, and everything is on display already and then you expect us to be real? This was the real me” The actress mentioned that she is not ashamed of the way she reacted to her father on national TV.

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